Giovanna Andreassi



An artist and a seamstress give life to your forgotten objects and waste materials, transforming them into unique and original creations. In 2017, an artistic project that began as a simple academic fulfillment regarding the theme of the body developed curiously through the revelation of a recyclable material such as cork. Cork became the undisputed […]

Art and Social Identity

“Art and Social identity”, 2021. Stampa su carta fotografica, 30 x 45 cm.

The mask means, in its broadest sense, soot, black ghost. It indicates an object that covers, totally or partially, the human figure to hide the wearer or conceal his identity. …During the lockdown Andreassi, after careful observation, designs and manufactures a series of masks to give back voice, a social identity to people, through art […]

My Bags

Series of bags made for charity and exclusively for DBA or ANEMIA DIAMOND BLACKFAN ITALY ODV. The Italian association was founded in 2006 in Verona, thanks to the initiative of a group of families with children affected by a rare genetic disease. The overlapping images are inspired by Giovanna Andreassi’s travel experiences in the cities […]

Art Competition

“La specubici sognante”, 2019. Acrilico su tela.

Materials in Art 2009 The reconstruction of the work Composition with red, yellow, gray and blue by Piet Mondrian was created, in the first place, with the intention of requalifying the material destined to recycling as an artistic element. Secondly, the artist’s continuous research on balance and perfection, between the primary colors, white, black and […]

Art Knows No Age

Severino e Giovanna, “N.C.”, 2020. Matite colorate, pennarelli e collage su carta, 24 x 33 cm.

The project Art knows no age, consisting of multiple art workshops, is presented to the four Residential Centers, or nursing homes, of Villa Monga in the municipality of Verona, in Verona. The project involves the participation of guests in their psychomotor abilities and their families in the creative part, and in the final phase, the […]


Calendario Pellizzari - Reparto Cassa, 2008. Foto di copertina, febbraio e luglio.

Photographic services and paintings commissioned from 2007 to present day.