Giovanna Andreassi

The exhibition On the Road by Giovanna Andreassi has recently ended at the Testoni Gallery in Pozza Square. In her phantasmagoric works of art in acrylic and mixed techniques, the artist uses old curtains, pillowcases and sheets, thus imprinting a modernity of painting on them and creating an imaginary bridge between past and present. The […]

The personality of this artist, Giovanna Andreassi, deserves to be considered for the complexity of her research, her commitment and the multidimensional perspective of her sphere of interests. In reality, what is especially convincing about her and within her creative research, is her unitary composure and basic coherence that animates all things, to which she […]

Life, with all its positive and negative episodes, leaves indelible marks on both the physical and psychological body. The body can help us overcome suffering and negativity, as claimed by the project The Box by Giovanna Andreassi, which has been made with different materials, from cardboard to iron, light and LEDs. An interesting painting essay, […]

A language that communicates perfectly with our innermost self, triggering emotion and reflection … On the many faces of contemporary painting, Giovanna Andreassi opens the focus of a third eye which begins from the framing (the chosen subject), renewing in a hyperrealist subsequent attachment and further more, to complete it in an evocative surrealism … Giovanna, […]

A luminous kind of painting, tonally balanced, characterizes the art by Giovanna Andreassi, where the female figure – a contemporary semblance which seems to be considering suggestions from advertising and a cultured and synthetically effective pop art – is interpreted paying great attention to symmetries, figure constructions and juxtaposed colors… Silvia Arfelli

Giovanna Andreassi is, as the saying goes, a complete artist, a true performer who is gifted with creativity. Since 1969, a solo exhibition set at the Jelmoni gallery, demonstrates her versatility and her talent. Here she exhibits especially paintings, but she is also a good photographer, an appreciated dancer and much more. Her paintings, mostly big […]