Giovanna Andreassi

Materials in Art 2009

The reconstruction of the work Composition with red, yellow, gray and blue by Piet Mondrian was created, in the first place, with the intention of requalifying the material destined to recycling as an artistic element. Secondly, the artist’s continuous research on balance and perfection, between the primary colors, white, black and grey and geometric lines, is perfectly combined with the use of 142 aluminum cans.

The message doesn’t stop only at the vision several empty, glossy-shiny cans, but develops into the reinterpretation of the work of art that acquires another value and a deeper meaning. It becomes an element of everyday life as it approaches the human being and involves him. It helps him abstract what he sees and attribute new meaning to his tools.



Leonardo Da Vinci’s Dreamy Machines

Project presentation for the Tende al mare art competition, 2019.

The dreamy specubici is a rework based on the famous Leonardo da Vinci’s Bicycle sketch which, despite the sketch’s attribution being still uncertain, it was included into the Leonardo’s Codex Atlanticus Collection.

By using the peculiar mirror writing, or left-handed handwriting, it conveys the idea of the bicycle as a dream in the surrealist vision and reminds us of the cloudy skies depicted by Magritte in his works and of the Adriatic coast seascapes.

A set of elements that represent an altered reality whose aim is to show the mystery that hovers around the latter as well as Leonardo’s figure and genius.

(2019 Cesenatico (Forlì-Cesena), “Leonardo da Vinci’s dreamy machines”, Tende al mare 2019 XXII Edition, organized by the Department of Culture of Cesenatico Town Council and the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona, Italy.)