Giovanna Andreassi

Nothing is created,
nothing is destroyed,
everything is transformed.

Giovanna Andreassi

A look at the world

Giovanna Andreassi - Pittrice Fotografa Scultrice

Painter. Photographer. Performer. Sculptress.

Giovanna Andreassi looks at the world with curious eyes. She travels and visits distant and nearby lands.

She encounters the traditions and the customs of the peoples who inhabit them.

She analyzes and studies human behavior.

She expresses the many aspects of life, through the movement or stillness of the body, placing herself on one or the other side of the camera.

She digs and brings the past to light by projecting it into the present and imagining the future. She focuses on the subjects capturing their real and at the same time fantastic appearance. She consciously integrates them into the material part of the art work, using recycled or waste materials. Her life experiences are translated into projects becoming unique and original works of art. As someone said, nothing is created and nothing is destroyed, but everything is transformed. Simply, by looking at the world that belongs to us and to which we belong from a different point of view.