Giovanna Andreassi

The project Art knows no age, consisting of multiple art workshops, is presented to the four Residential Centers, or nursing homes, of Villa Monga in the municipality of Verona, in Verona.

The project involves the participation of guests in their psychomotor abilities and their families in the creative part, and in the final phase, the involvement of society and institutions through a series of exhibitions and openings inside the structures themselves.

Initially, the project will start at the Loro facility, and, if successful, will be extended to the other three structures, with the possibility of incorporating, as interns to obtain university credits, the students of the two-year program in Atelier Direction and cultural mediation of art at the “G.B. Cignaroli” Academy of Fine Arts in Verona, Italy. Additionally, the workshop’s conductor Giovanna Andreassi and the cultural association ApertoArte, chaired by Fiorenza Canestrari, will propose the project to the various artistic, cultural, and social realities and to possible sponsors from Verona.