Giovanna Andreassi

Painter Photographer Performer Sculptress


“Trecce”, 2018. Fotoceramica.

Standing in front of a camera’s lens means baring body and soul. You find yourself in front of a mirror and you see a double image. You look at yourself and recognize yourself, but it is not you. You are both the subject and the object that identifies with those social models and determines its […]

New York Single

“Tris vincente”, 2012. Tecnica mista su tela, 140 x 120 cm.

When you visit New York for the first time, you feel as if you have always known it. Your eyes look up, down, left and right. Perhaps with the intention of finding in the memory those images already seen for who knows how many times on a television screen. When instead you live in New […]


“FINE-DC-DANTE”, 2020. Stampa su carta fotografica e matita su cartoncino, 70 x 50 cm.

I was 8 years old when, on the occasion of my first communion, I received my first camera as a gift. It wasn’t professional, digital or super complicated and I didn’t know how to use it, but the most important thing was that I could take pictures. There are many ways to transform ideas, words […]

Mind In The Gap

“Disperata con cesso numero tre”, 2006. Tecnica mista su tela, 115 x 80 cm.

Mind the gap or Beware of emptiness. The phrase has been present in the London Underground since 1969 and it warns passengers to pay attention to the space between the train and the platform. Mind gap or Mental emptiness. In psychological jargon, to pay attention is the set of two effects (spotlight and invisibility) that […]

Catrina Collection

“Catrina de pelo rojo”, 2016. Acrilico su tela, 90 x 70 cm.

At the book shop of the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City, I was struck by some very colorful ceramic statues of various sizes. I bought one with the intent, upon my return to Italy, to investigate its origins and above all its meaning, as well as to rework it artistically in my image […]

Back Stage

“Si prega assoluto silenzio”, 2009. Acrilico su tela, 110 x 90 cm.

Ready and waiting to go on stage. Help in arranging the often, complicated stage costumes. The indispensable warming up of the body in absolute silence. The emotion is revealed in a supportive embrace. Scotch tape on your toes to avoid injury. Souvenir photos of the interpreters of the murderous wives in Chicago. The well-marked makeup […]

Objective Drawing

If you search the web for the meaning of dibujo objetivo (objective drawing), the result will be that the author does not express personal emotions or judgments, but he rather presents the product in an impersonal and objective way for informational purposes. From my experience as an Erasmus student at the Polytechnic University of Valencia […]

On The Road

Mural or muralism, if intended as an artistic movement, was born in Mexico in 1910 after the Mexican Revolution and soon spread as a form of protest. Through very simple and deteriorating techniques, the murals are destined to disappear and leave only a memory in the collective imagination. The so-called talking walls are fragments of […]

The First Goddess

A stone thrown into a pond creates concentric waves, involving in their motion, at different distances and with different effects, a water lily and a barrel, a paper boat and a fisherman’s float. Objects that used to stay each on their own, in their place and in their sleep, are now as recalled to life, […]

A Journey Towards Imperfection

“Portobello Road”, 2005. Acrilico su tela, 110 x 100 cm.

London, Paris, Ibiza, Bologna, Rome, Barcelona, New York, Granada, Siena and more. The journey as metaphor of life. Both have a departure and an arrival, but never a return. A movement that transforms and determines continuous changes. It meets people and sees new mind opening places. It expresses wishes, sometimes without expectations. It abandons old […]