Giovanna Andreassi

Standing in front of a camera’s lens means baring body and soul. You find yourself in front of a mirror and you see a double image. You look at yourself and recognize yourself, but it is not you. You are both the subject and the object that identifies with those social models and determines its recognition, but also its existential fragility. Your female body becomes the ideal place to make a real image, more real than reality itself. And to undertake any reflection on our inner world and what surrounds us. 


Portrait in the mirror

“The sense of the double, the mirror in cinema, in art history and photography”.

“Portrait in the mirror”, Silvia Celeste Calcagno’s workshop, Carlo Zauli Museum, Faenza, 2018.




Alice sleeps and dreams of a white rabbit upset by the passage of time. She follows him to wonderland where plausible and absurd situations await her. She changes size and environments several times. She meets strange, even a little crazy characters. Alice awakens from the long dream and enthusiastically tells her bizarre stories to her older sister. She figures Alice as a woman, intent on telling those wonderful adventures to the little ones with wide eyes, full of curiosity, perhaps with a touch of sadness in remembering her childhood and the happy days of the past.



2007- TESI DI DIPLOMA ACCADEMICO IN PITTURA: “BLANCO Y NEGRO”, Indagine antropologica e fotografica sulle relazioni tra gruppi conservatori e comunità omosessuale a Valencia, Spagna.