Giovanna Andreassi

Ready and waiting to go on stage. Help in arranging the often, complicated stage costumes. The indispensable warming up of the body in absolute silence. The emotion is revealed in a supportive embrace. Scotch tape on your toes to avoid injury. Souvenir photos of the interpreters of the murderous wives in Chicago. The well-marked makeup of your lips and eyes. The particular design drawn on your back inspired by the music of the choreography. The chaos in the dressing rooms. The inevitable bun fixed with hairspray. Finally, the painting created by the group in memory of Lucia and where her memory will live forever. This is what Back stage means. Behind the scenes of a theater or a performance venue, it represents the set of the various preparation phases of an artistic performance. Everything that the audience does not see on stage. A whirlwind of emotions envelops the bodies. Your Legs shake, the throat is dry, the choreographic memory seems to fade, time never passes and then instead flies. The show ends, the audience applauds and you hope to have given them a moment of absolute beauty.