Giovanna Andreassi

Giovanna Andreassi is, as the saying goes, a complete artist, a true performer who is gifted with creativity. Since 1969, a solo exhibition set at the Jelmoni gallery, demonstrates her versatility and her talent. Here she exhibits especially paintings, but she is also a good photographer, an appreciated dancer and much more. Her paintings, mostly big acrylic, denote a cosmopolitan attitude and a New Age spirituality. The impactful subjects – grayish bathrooms and naked women – must not deceive, instead they should be considered modern researches. In many of them there’s spontaneous metropolitan anger, in others there are expansive solitude or unresolved conflicts close to the Street Art, and elsewhere there is an apparently licentious physicality which actually brings positivity and inner resonances in the dramatic conflict against bourgeois righteousness. Andreassi produces also informally and throughabstract composition, but there is less strength in this genres. Eclecticism, all-around interests and different approaches stand out: Underground for the dark tones, Neo Pop for the chromatic brightness, Crossover for the peculiar mix of styles. Since1969 is more than a solo exhibition, it’s almost an anthology of an artist – who was born in 1969 – who considers her life a belle inconnue (beautiful and unfinished). This has to be intended as a constant progression towards technical and semantic enrichment.

”Andreassi, the cosmopolitan attitude goes perfectly along with New Age spirituality”, article by F.B. “Libertà”, March 26th 2014, page 46.