Giovanna Andreassi

The exhibition On the Road by Giovanna Andreassi has recently ended at the Testoni Gallery in Pozza Square.

In her phantasmagoric works of art in acrylic and mixed techniques, the artist uses old curtains, pillowcases and sheets, thus imprinting a modernity of painting on them and creating an imaginary bridge between past and present. The walls and murals observed in the places she had visited are source of inspiration.

The synthetic scattered symbols of heaven and earth, of the gold of the sun, of the fuego are so similar to the warmth of the soul. There is a complex coat of arms of the current flag of Mexico where there is an eagle with a snake in its beak leaning against a cactus. According to tradition, the capital of Mexico City was built there.

Expressive is the face of a Native American with a band around the forehead. In La Flor, the M of Amar is Mata’s initial in cross-shaped words. To the side, a sign with the inscription Calle alije del gato and a red flower made by crochet is to remind that art is also accurate dexterity.

The artist stands out for her non-conformism and for her particular choice of subjects that let us immerse ourselves in a fantasy world where we find aspirations and dreams.

Vera Meneguzzo

(From the article “The Artists auction their works for the monument to Mr. Dall’Oca Bianca”, L’Arena, Friday 19 May 2017, p.56.)