Giovanna Andreassi

Painter Photographer Performer Sculptress

Giovanna is an artist who tries, in her paintings, to represent the emotion of the moment within the biographical frame. A study that tries to capture the fleeting moments of life, rediscovering an introspective insight into the emotions felt at a determined moment. The technique she adopts moves from acrylic colors that allow her to work swiftly, to oils whose colors give greater warmth and sensuality to her work. A superficial glance at her works might detect a narcissistic vision in her paintings, but looking more attentively, one can sense a conscious search into the deepest aspects of the nature of Man and the painter herself. In her subjects, she is not only in search of a personal, pictorial style, but studies and interrogates the photographic frame in order to make the familiarity of the emotions transparent. Giovanna uses painting to carry photography towards a pictorial technique of blur and studied colors. In this way, she invites us to pause and reflect on these images, which seem to vanish and leave us a fleeting memory of an emotion experienced.

Enrico Rossato